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Our pillow!

This morning my mom showed me a picture of a pillow! The pillow was sowed by my uncle, Pak Mamat's wife, Auntie Faizah. I felt very exited to see a pillow with my name on it. I saw the picture on facebook when we were eating breakfast. Thank you for sowing this pillow for me Auntie Faizah.

The most thing I like about the pillow is that it is very colourful and has my favourite colours. My favourite colours are blue, orange and red. Before I have never got a pillow with my name with it so that is why I am very exited! Also I think it took a lot of effort to do this so it can look very nice.

My sister said she likes the pillow because it is very beautiful. It is a heart shape pillow and it has flowers that is why she likes it.

We have not got the pillow yet since it is in Malaysia. We will get it when we go back to Malaysia soon for Eid.

Thank you again Auntie Faizah I have never got something like this before.  :-)

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