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I've had enough!

Its snowing again in copenhagen!!! Owh no!! Is this for real?!!! Huhuhuhu... Nangis guling2 aku camni! Ehh ada ker org nangis guling? *rolling eyes*

Seriously I've had enough of it! Thought we are already in the spring mood although the weather has been quite difficult to me every now and then... One day its rainy... The next day, the sun just came out so bright!

But, that i can still tolerate... I've been telling u this many times that i dont like snow... Of cos i admire its beauty but i just cant bear the hassle i must go through when its snowing! Its terrible and definitely will screw up my mood! Huhuhu...

Hoping that this will be the last pour! Please leave us alone and come back again next winter! Fingers crossed!

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