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Last day of skul!

Today is friday! And today is the last day of skul! Yes yes yes!!

Esok dah start skul break for a week kat sini... I guess the whole europe pun sama kt cuti seminggu... Campur dengan wiken semua so ada 9 off days! Yippieee yeayyyy!! Soooo... Its time for packing... Again!

Ouchh!! Malasnyer aku nak start packing! Tapi nak berjimba2 berholiday2 sakan tak pulak aku malas! Kakakaka...

Ekceli Tuan Beso dah planned for this trip lama dah... Since before we all balik holiday ke mesia last year lagik... Ala, kami Tak pegi jejauh pun... Terjah dekat2 sudah... Hiks!

Filght tickets from CPH to XXX - checked!

Hotel booking at XXX - checked!

Car rental Booking - checked!

Train ticket from XXX to YYY - checked!

Hotel booking at YYY - checked!

Airport transfer - checked!

Flight tickets from YYY to CPH - checked!

Yeszaaaa!! Semua dah checked, checked, checked! Yess! We are ready to go! Suka suka suka!!

But hold on a sec! Rasanya ada satu benda aje yang belum ready kot!

Owh no!! Luggage aku tak ready lagi! Huwaaaaaaaaa.... Malas nyer nak packing baju!!!!!! :'(

~ have a good wiken you allz!! ;-)

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