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T-shirt design...

Part of last week's homework was about designing a t-shirt with the theme of 'saving water'... On top of that, the best design will be chosen as the winner therefore will be printed on real t-shirts and be sold to raise money for Team Peru... Coolness!! ;-)

Kat atas ni la design yang diilhamkan oleh aiman atas bantuan talian hayat Tuan Beso and me! Wiee!! kat sini memang camtu, parents kena get involve directly dengan homework anak2... Prihatin la katakan... Wieee!

Yang kat atas ni plak antara designs yang dilukis oleh aiman and his other classmates of 1B... Ada designs yang menarik hati, ada yang 'hantam sajalah', ada yang too creative... Memacam gayalah senang citer!

Yang ni pulak designs from students of 1S... Kids from both classes will have to choose the winner of all... not the teacher nor the parents... So i guess, that is FAIR enough la kan... Let them do the decision making... And lets see whether these kids are able to make a good judgment! Quite a BIG challenge for them right!

Owh yea, lupa plak aku nak mention earlier.... Amongst all the designs, Aiman punya aje yang lain daripada yang lain.... If all other kids chose to draw their designs on their own, we did totally different from them....

We came up with the idea from our quick brainstorming session and then we googled some nice pictures from the internet and finally we assembled them together to make it looked perfect!

Takde pun teachers dorang cakap tak boleh buat camtu nor they specified it has to be done by hand-drawing... Lagipun inilah masanya aiman gunakan skill ICT dia kan! Betul tak? Hehehe...

Aiman told me that he prays hard for his design to be chosen as the winner.... He said, it must be so COOL to see the real t-shirt with his design on it and later on surely so MANY people will buy that t shirt! Hahaha.... Lawak betul la stetmen aiman tuh! Sangat bercita2 tinggi anak bujang aku tuh!

As a mom, of course aku pun doakan dia menang... But if he doesnt... Its ok! There's always next time aiman!

Korang pun doakan la jugak yea... Manalah tau ada rezeki Tuan Kecik nih dan impiannya menjadi kenyataan kan... Amin!!

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