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We're PROUD of him!

Daddy called me a moment ago... He said he's really proud of aiman for his achievement in reading.... Owhhh dia perasan rupanya email yg teacher aiman sent to me semalam...

Aiman's really makes us proud of him coz he has moved up from level 1 & 2 to the higher level... In fact, he skipped 2 levels... He was a slow beginner at first and now that he's catching up quite good! I'm definitely impressed with that sebab aku sendiri pun memula macam caya tak caya jer dia blh baca dgn baik... But now, he shows to us that he's progressing very well! Good going aiman!

Anyway, here's the copy of the email from his class teacher, Mrs. Bellmore that i received yesterday's afternoon...

Hi there,

I am please to say that Aiman has moved up to Levels, 5, 6, and 7 on his reading books now. Great improvement! He should take one book a day home with him starting at box 5. Please keep working on developing his sight vocabulary. Attached is the first hundred sight word list

Happy Reading

... We will definitely give him our full and continuous support until he is hundred percent secured in reading!

Btw, TOK MAI dah tak yah risau sangat sebab aiman dah boleh baca buku and on top of that, aiman will soon completed his Muqaddam! InsyaAllah by nxt year before he reaches 7 yrs old, mommy's MISSION & VISION, nak start ajar aiman baca Al-Quran pulak! Thats my target! Azam tahun depan!

Semoga anak2ku pandai baca BUKU dan lancar baca AL-QURAN! Berjaya di dunia dan juga di akhirat! AMIN!!

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