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COOKING 101 ~ making bread!

Today we did something so fun! Well the thing that was so fun was baking bread!! This was my first experience to make my bread and it was very challenging because I had to be precise with my measuring and weighing. So the bread tasted tasty and it did! We wanted to make the bread because when we don't have any more bread, instead of buying bread we can make our own bread.

The steps we followed to make the bread was:

1. wash our hands
2. getting the ingredients, mixing bowl and weighing scale
3.We took all the ingredients measured them to see the weight and we put into bowl
4. we took the bowl and put all the ingredients into the bread maker machine and started the machine
5. we had to wait for it to finish and wait it until it rises. But the temperature was not right so it took a long time for it to rise
6. then when the dough was finish put it into oven and bake it until it turns into bread

Then after we started the bread making machine we watched the machine doing it's job for a few minutes. The fun part of making the bread was taking the ingredients and weighing them and putting it into the bowl before putting all the ingredients into the bread making machine. Also me and my sister both did putting the butter in the bowl but our hands got oily. We got the recipe from the internet. It was funny to see the ingredients mixing together because it made the dough look into something really weird! here are some pictures

In this picture I am busy putting the flour in the bowl while my sister is smiling to the camera

 Here I am helping my sister with the water dispenser

My sister is doing something with the bread maker machine bowl while I am holding the bowl with some of the ingredients

Here my dad is showing me how to make the other kind of breads with the manual while my sister is looking at the machine mixing the ingredients into dough

! Us the little pro chefs oh yeah !

Today I learnt how to make my own kind of bread so we don't always have to buy bread at the shop. And from now on I can help my mom to make bread and it is fun to make bread.

Before I learnt how to make bread I thought it was really easy and you only need a few ingredients. But now it is not really that easy since you have to get lots of ingredients and we have to be accurate at measuring and weighing.

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