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At the souq...

Yesterday we went to the Souq Waqif and it was interesting!  There are many souqs in Qatar but Souq Waqif is the most famous souq in Qatar.  At Souq Waqif  there are many shops and restaurants selling various things and food. Many local people, expats and tourist love to come to Souq Waqif.  The environment at Souq Waqif is lively and happening. Most of the buildings looks old but I think they made it like this to show old Arabic architecture. I think the best time to come and enjoy walking around the souq is in the spring time because it is not too hot or cold like in the winter and summer.

The first thing we did at Souq Waqif was at The Coffee Bean to have some drinks and relax. I had a cold chocolate drink and quiche with my sister. My mom had some hot coffee and my dad had ice blended guava juice. The cold chocolate drink made me have a brain freeze! The quiche was hot and yummy. I tried some of my dad's juice and it was pretty good. So my mom had coffee but I don't know how it tastes because I am not allowed to drink coffee. After we had some drinks at Coffee Bean, I wanted to go to a place where there was a show but in the end we discovered it was just some people singing and playing traditional instruments. So then we decided to look around at the shops because my mom saw something she wanted to buy. My mom bought lots of colourful head scarfs for only QR 10 each.

Here me, my sister and my dad smiling to the camera while we're enjoying our drinks. We enjoyed eating and relaxing at the Coffee Bean because the place was not too crowded. We were sitting inside because it was very hot outside.

In this picture I am drinking my delicious chocolate drink with my sister sitting next to me. The chocolate drink tasted very sweet but I liked it.

We took picture before we leave Souq Waqif to go home.

While waiting for our car at the Valet Parking. It was very hard to find parking because many people prefer to go to the souq at night since it is too hot during the day. Me and my sister were so tired but we were very HAPPY! :-)


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