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Happenings on 2nd WEEK OF SUMMER

So on 29th June 2013  Alyssa and me, Aiman have been doing things like today we helped my mom to fold clothes. I learned to fold clothes by my mother it took me 5 attempts to know how to do it properly. I folded some of the shirts, pants and underwear. Before I and my sister tried it I thought it was boring and hard to do but now it is fun and easy to fold clothes. So now I can do it myself and with my sister without my moms help. I think my mom told me to do it so in the future I can be organised and tidy. I also think that boys can also do this to help their mom or sister to speed it up.

Last week I learned how to wash clothes in the washing machine and it was fun. It was fun because I liked pressing the buttons and putting detergent, softener and bleach with Alyssa. Another reason it was fun because we got to sort the clothes in order so they don't turn another colour especially the white ones and they smelled bad! I think we had to learn this so when my mom gets old or not around I can do it and I can help her and get reward from Allah. I can teach my children if I have children so they can help as well.

Also we have been doing things like watching soccer  JOHOR DT VS KELANTAN  and when we were watching  we were wearing  the JOHOR DT shirt. I and my mom were so desperately wanting JOHOR DT to win but unfortunately JOHOR DT lost 1-0 against KELANTAN. So me and my mom were sad but we were proud that JOHOR DT made to the finals. JOHOR DT'S supporters are the best in the whole PIALA FA Malaysia. I learned that from the game Johor DT's team should have more players going up to the goal to help the striker get goals. Lastly the players for JOHOR have to look who to pass to, to not lose the ball very easily.

The good thing that happened in the game was in the second half JOHOR DT did not let a goal in and they almost scored. The game was cool to watch. The very last thing I did was to eat dinner at 9:00. For my dinner I ate masak chili api and it was scrumptious. My mom cooked our dinner with my dads help and  daddy helped mommy by going out and buying the ingredients for masak chili api.



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