...there's always something to share... i'm sharing the stories of my journey in life... for myself to remember, to appreciate and to miss in the future...

Off we go!

Luggage + food + necessities - checked!

Accommodation - checked!

GPS - checked!

Passengers - checked!

Ehh ehh ehh!! Mana lagi satu ni??

Owhhh!! Ada pun dia! Fuhh! Lambat kalu, tinggal la jawabnya! Kehkehkeh...

Okeh... All ready guys? Lets move!

Checking in the car...

And DONE!! Off we go now! Yeayyy!!

Entering the cruise...

This is it! Our cabin! Nice view for the next 12 hours! Owh yeahh!! ;-)

Relaxing & enjoying ourselves at the deck.... This is just the beginning of our short getaway to norway... A lot more to come! Hoyehh!!

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