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Heavy traffic!

Cars were moving too slow today due to the snow, pouring non-stop since early morning until now! Massive jams everywhere! Owh i hate this soooo much! How i wished i dont have to drive the kids to school during winter! Really!!

Kenapalah kat DK ni dorang tak efficient sgt dlm bab2 ni ek? Kalau kat US memang kejap jer jalan dah clear... Tapi kat sini tak... Pelik sungguh aku apesal dorang ni tak reti nak clean and clear up the road.... Pelik yang teramat!!

Main road and hi-way pun full with snow! Gilos betul! Tu yang everyone had to really slow down their cars and moving at snails pace! hence, the heavy traffic! Tak ker menyusahkan + membahayakan nyawa orang tuu!

If by tonite they dont do the necessary to clean up the ice, am sure there will be more troubles tomorrow! Walaupun snow turun arini ala2 pondan, ada jugaklah a few cars yang skidded tadi and I'm damn sure it will get worst! Especially when temp gets too cold and the roads get too icy! Owhh no! Memori 'indah' tahun lepas masih segar di ingatanKU! Hua hua hua...

~ I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

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