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Babysitter CUN!

That lady is my new fren Tila, who is quite NEW in cph too! She just came to cph for about 3 months ago... And Today was the second time that we met and i can see that kids love to be around her!

That boy in the pic is actually her son and dont be surprise if you find her looking VERY young to be a mother of an eleven year old boy! She does look young ok!! Am impressed!

Anyway, tengokkan ajelah semua bebudak tu dok kerumun kat Tila sambil nyanyi2... Bagus betullah ada babysitter camni! Dah le pandai jaga budak, dari sekecil2 baby (sofea) ke sebesar2 budak (izzul) hehehehe... Yang lagik best, babysitter CUN plak tuh!! Sebab tu bebudak pun suka semacam kot! Hehhee..

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