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Happy birthday sufiya!

Jom kita nyanyi ramai2!! Jom jom jom!

Hepi birthday to you!
Hepi birthday to you!
Hepi birthday to Sufiya!
Hepi birthday to you!!!

Sufiya is 3!! Yippie yeayy! Big gal already kan fiya kan...

Look at the pic above... Can u see how beautiful the birthday cake! That cake was not only *pretty pretty pretty* and *cute cute cute* jer tau... But REALLY tasty wa cakap lu!!! Every single bite melt in your mouth was undescribeable! Memang giler shedappp!!

How i wish i have a pair of magical hands like sherry! Sherry really DID a good job! Bertuah sungguh sufiya to have a mom who can do the baking and also great in decorating too! Kalau aku yg buat tu, sah sah castle jadik bentuk gua batu belah batu bertangkup kot! Wakakaka!!

Anyway, i wanna say THANKS a bunch to sherry, ainan and sufiya for having us today! We're delighted to be part of Sufiya's simple & sweet birthday party... It was so great to be there meeting new and old frens... And not to forget, we truly enjoyed all the food served! Good job sherry!

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harnisafarina said...

Sherry buat sendiri kek tu? Waaaa..marveles lawa gilerrrrrrrrrrr

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