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Reading the holy Quran

Assalamualaikum to those who are reading this. Well today I read the Quran. When I read the Quran my mom helped me with a few problems like :

1. The sound I was reading was not right

2. Forgot to read when it was suppose to be long but only sometimes I made this mistake

My mom explained it is important to read it properly because when you pronounce it wrong it changes the meaning of it. After we read 4 pages of the Quran we went and memorised a short surah. The surah is called Al Qafirun. The surah was about when the Quraiysh wanted to give wealth to Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W) but only if  Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W) stops preaching Islam, changes his religion and becomes a non believer called a kafirun.

This is a direct translation from the Holy Quran. So the Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W) said "O you that reject faith" " I worship not that which you worship" "Nor will you worship that which I worship" And I will not worship that which you have been wont to worship" Nor will you worship that which I worship" "To you be your way, and to me mine" from Surah Al Qafirun.

From this Surah I learned:

1. We must remember the 5 pillars of Islam because it makes Muslims different from the non believers

2. Never leave Islam for wealth because Allah will give you rezeki


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