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Just released...

Check this out peeps!

This newly released train set with the famous Maersk Logo can simply blow Lego-maniacs' minds away! Coolness!! Aint it?!

And of cos my darling Tuan Beso could not resist himself from owning it! At first, I thought it was for Aiman but i guess that was just the excuse to buy! Eleh! Macam aku tak kenal dia! Bapak lagi OVER da vavaz dari anak! Muahahaha..

Anyway, at this very moment the boys can just hold their temptation to unveil the new prop... As i have the mandate to put it away (temporarily) from them, UNTIL the rest of the Maersk ship Lego has been fully assembled! :-)

~ Mem Beso has spoken! Sape brani bantah? :-P

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