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Pet shops

At Souq Waqif we went to the pet shops to look at the animals. We saw cats, fishes, rabbits and birds. The pet shops were noisy because I think the animals don't want to be trapped in the cages. I wanted a cat as a pet but my mom said no because if we go on holiday we would have to leave the cat at home and it cannot take care of it self. Another reason is that my sister is afraid of cats although she likes cats. She would be scared and scream if the cat comes to her.

Most people who go to the pet shop to see the animals are kids like me and my sister. We saw some weird pets like tad poles, crabs and long lizards. My favourite kind of animals are the kittens, bunnies and tortoises. I like the kittens because they are so adorable and I like the bunnies because they are very cool looking pets. I also like the tortoises but I just don't know why I like them.

 My sister is not happy because she is mad at me for almost making her touch the cat.

In this picture we are happy because we liked the cute rabbits so much.

I am smiling here because I thought one of the hamsters looks so funny.

colourful chicks!

Wow! Look at how fast that white mouse is running.

This cat looks so sad. Maybe because nobody wants to buy him/her so the cat has to be trapped in the cage.

Such a cute little kitten! I wish I could have him/her

Cool it's a bunny with a purple & blue dress

Wow! Really weird kind of lizard species.

I enjoyed looking at the cool and weird pets at Souq Waqif because I like animals. I hope next time when we come again to the pet shops at Souq Waqif there will be more weird and cool looking animals that we can look at again.


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